Use of Shippensburg University Computer Network services constitute agreement to this Acceptable Use Policy.


无保证:在适用法律允许的范围内, neither Shippensburg University ("SU"), nor any person, either expressly or implicitly, warrants any aspect of this service, including any output or results of this service. This service is being provided "as is," without any warranty of any type or nature, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, 对某一特定目的的适销性和适用性的默示保证, 并保证本服务无缺陷.

Assumption of Risk: The risk of any and all loss, 损害, 或者这项服务的不满意表现取决于作为用户的您. To the extent permitted by law, neither SU, nor any person either expressly or implicitly, 就使用的适当性作出任何陈述或保证, output, 或者在可靠性方面使用这项服务的结果, availability, or otherwise. 他们也没有任何义务发布更新, or provide notification of any error or defect, known or unknown. If 你 rely upon this service, 你 do so at 你r own risk, and 你 assume the responsibility for the results. Should this service prove defective, 你 assume the cost of all losses, including, but not limited to, any necessary servicing, repair or correction of any property involved.

Disclaimer: In no event, 除非适用法律要求或书面同意, shall SU, or any person be liable for any loss, expense or 损害, of any type or nature arising out of the use of, or inability to use this service, including, but not limited to, 索赔, 涉及涉嫌侵犯版权的诉讼或诉讼原因, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or unfair competition.

赔偿:在本协议法律允许的范围内, 你, the user, agree to indemnify and hold harmless SU, its officials and employees, and any person from and against all 索赔, liabilities, losses, causes of action, 损害s, judgments, and expenses, 包括合理的律师费和诉讼费, 对第三方人身或财产的伤害或损害, including, without limitations, consequential 损害s and economic losses, that arise out of or in connection with 你r use, of this service, its output, or any accompanying documentation.

Terms and Conditions

User Responsibility

希彭斯澳门永利最新登录网址计算机网络用户对其网络连接的所有使用负责. The Shippensburg University Computer Network user will be held accountable for any violations that occur involving their computer or network connections. Users should only allow others to use their machine with the full understanding of the consequences of that action. It is the responsibility of all users to maintain reasonable security and anti-virus protection for their systems. This includes using a secure administrator password, 维护最新的操作系统安全更新, 并定期使用最新的病毒定义更新防病毒保护. Systems found to be vulnerable to compromise, infected by a virus, or otherwise insecure, may be disconnected from the campus network until steps have been taken to secure and/or disinfect the system, as required. Subscribers are responsible for all network usage associated with their computer and/or network connection. This includes all network traffic originating from off-campus for the purposes of connecting to or downloading from a computer, server, or other network device on the Shippensburg University Computer Network (such as occurs with file-sharing).

除本文档中描述的策略外, 作为大学资源的使用者,你必须遵守当地的相关规定, 状态, and Federal laws, 以及所有相关的大学和希彭斯澳门永利最新登录网址计算机网络政策. 违反这一政策的行为可能会根据斯瓦塔尼制定的指导方针被起诉. 违规者将向教务处举报, 或向适当的SU机构裁决学术诚信, and/or to the appropriate 当地的, 状态, and Federal authorities, as required. Shippensburg University reserves the right to investigate suspected violations using all appropriate means. Furthermore, 西彭斯澳门永利最新登录网址可以终止或限制任何人对其资源的访问, without prior notice, 如果这样做是必要的,以保持可用性, security, 和/或这些资源的其他用户操作的完整性. 大学资源的所有使用者都应熟悉并遵守这些规定.

Anti-Virus Software

Shippensburg University Computer Network users using Windows or Macintosh operating systems are required to use regularly updated anti-virus software on their computer(s). 希彭斯澳门永利最新登录网址为学生免费提供Sophos杀毒软件, staff and faculty.

IP Address Usage

Shippensburg University Computer Network users are dynamically assigned IP addresses for use with their computers or other networkable devices. The use of any Shippensburg University Computer Network IP address other than that those that have been dynamically assigned by Shippensburg University is prohibited. Your registration to the Shippensburg University Computer Network service is transferable to any Residence Hall or Academic Building location. 使用“硬编码”或未分配的IP地址会导致冲突, 可能导致服务中断或暂时暂停.

Network Devices

Any computer or other networkable device connected directly to the Shippensburg University Computer Network must be registered. The use of any unregistered device is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, game consoles, pda, printers, and any other networkable device. 用户仍然可以使用这些设备,但必须正确注册. 使用网络交换设备,如集线器、交换机、路由器(无线或其他)等. is strictly prohibited. 每个用户每个数据端口只允许一个以太网连接. 使用网络交换设备进行网络扩展, bridging, and/or multi-device access may result in 你r Shippensburg University Computer Network connection being suspended or terminated with or without prior notice. 严禁以“服务器”的身份使用网络设备. Use of such devices may result in 你r Shippensburg University Computer Network connection being suspended or terminated with or without prior notice.

Bandwidth Utilization

Shippensburg University sizes and acquires Internet bandwidth and network resources based on past usage statistics. 同时,学校尽一切努力确保所有校园网络用户都有足够的带宽可用, unexpected peak demand may cause degradation of services to all users until additional bandwidth is installed. To manage the impact at these times, 可以对流量进行优先排序,以确保关键通信不受不利影响.

Scanning & Network Security

Shippensburg University collects network usage statistics about all direct connections between Shippensburg University Computer Network computers and external addresses (the Internet). This data is similar to the data collected for telephone connections: it consists of the information required to transfer the data (IP addresses, protocols, port numbers, and other routing information), the number of packets and bytes transferred, as well as a time stamp. Shippensburg University reserves the right to conduct regular security scans to check for vulnerabilities, Trojan software, 或者其他可能被其他用户利用的系统妥协. All computers and networkable devices connected to the Shippensburg University Computer Network will also be subjected to initial and periodic security scans. 任何系统被发现是不安全的或在其他方面容易受到攻击,都可能被拒绝访问, disconnected from the campus network, 或者限制访问,直到用户采取必要的步骤来保护他们的系统.

General Usage

大学拥有的计算机和网络受到政策和法规以及联邦政府的管理, 状态, and 当地的 laws. In addition, 所有使用这些网络的非大学计算机和服务器都受相同的策略管理. Among other restrictions, 禁止任何商业或营利性企业的运作或广告, along with any re-sale of access or services. Illegal activities -- including, but not limited to, such practices as fraud, harassment, software piracy, and copyright infringement -- are, of course, also prohibited. In addition, IP spoofing, packet sniffing, virus distribution, or any activity that disrupts the network are violations of Shippensburg University computer abuse policies. The university reserves the right to place limited restrictions on the use of its computers and network systems in response to complaints presenting evidence of violations of university policies or codes, or 状态 or federal laws. Once evidence is established, computers involved in alleged violations may be disconnected from the network until the situation is resolved. In the event that campus, 当地的, 状态, or federal authorities request records, 日志, or any other service-related data on any given user, Shippensburg University will make every reasonable effort to furnish the requested information with or without notice given to the user. 希彭斯澳门永利最新登录网址允许访问大学主机计算机, library resources, e-mail, 互联网(包括万维网). 希彭斯澳门永利最新登录网址计算机网络仅为学术用途而设计和维护. 西彭斯澳门永利最新登录网址并没有特别禁止使用网络资源, legal uses (such as gaming), 但既不支持也不为此类活动提供网络资源.

Service Interruptions

Network service may be interrupted on occasion. Shippensburg University will work to restore service as soon as practicable; however, Shippensburg University is not responsible for any losses or 损害s caused by service interruptions or other failures in Shippensburg University Computer Network equipment.


Shippensburg University does not specifically bar the installation or use of P2P applications on student machines. 然而,大学不支持或投入资源用于此类应用. 使用这些应用程序的风险由用户自行承担. 禁止以“服务”内容为目的使用P2P应用程序, 因为这构成了以服务器的能力使用您的计算机或网络设备. 任何使用P2P或类似应用程序的目的,以提供或贩运受保护的内容(i.e. 版权资料)可能导致服务暂停或终止,恕不另行通知. All notices of such activity or alleged activity presented to the Shippensburg University Computer Network office will be investigated and referred to the appropriate adjudicating body in accordance to the terms set forth in this agreement.

状态ment on Gaming Software

Shippensburg University does not specifically bar the installation or use of computer games or software on student machines used to connect to gaming platforms and/or gaming servers. 然而,大学不支持或投入资源用于此类应用. 使用这些应用程序的风险由用户自行承担.

Change of Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

本可接受使用政策如有更改,恕不另行通知. Shippensburg University may also make improvements and/or changes in the services described in this agreement at any time without notice. 本法律通知所载条款及条件如有更改,恕不另行通知, and 你 should visit the Shippensburg University Computer Support website periodically to determine if any such changes have been made.